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Originally Posted by holly View Post
they are Crude Mate , that is the problem . to make them more user friendly you need to Spend / work a lot on them .i had one for two weeks . you can buy a NJR for the price or a Pro Target for the price . so why would you bother . ??? HOLLY

PS Buy a GC2 , you know you want to ?
I agree with Holly...why on earth would you buy one when a SH PT woul;d be infinately better. Every Hamlolly i've shot has been pants...poor trigger, terrible fit, terrible balance with multiple accuracy issues. As a result i don't think there is a single one amongst 130 club members.

Lofty...if it was in one of the mags you have to take it with a pinch of salt and learn how to 'mag read' the reviews. Acceptable/predictable is mag speak for poor.
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