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Originally Posted by Lofty View Post
I was advised by those inthe know about the regs used ( it uses a twin regulator set up apparently) NOT to fill it above 250 bar as it is possible for the reg to 'lock' up ???? as my bottle is only rated at 232 bar then no issue.
That's good to know! The bottle restriction applies to me too, but all 'typical' matches here would be 50 shots.

When they first came out the main two critisims were (a) They were front heavy, and (b) A POI shift if you rested the front of the shroud .
WHY would you rest the front of the shroud??!?

The version that is now (as of this year) sold in the Netherlands comes with an aluminium cylinder already.
I don't mind my rifles to be a bit on the heavy side - my FrankenRifle weighs in at 5700 grams without a scope, which is about one point five EV2. Adding a Big Beesa (essentially a Big Nikko) to it doesn't help to create something that is to be taken lightly.
I find that the weight helps me to steady the rifle with standers (it does not yet help me to actually hit them, but that is pilot error).

Balance would be an issue, but that can be addressed by using less weight at the front (alu cylinder) and more weight at the back (whatever comes to mind... slabs of lead... see if I care).

Beware Peter, the internals and the trigger mechanism especially is made from what we Brits call "monkey metal" which wears out VERY quickly oh and the scope supplied is less than useless for FT
We'll burn that bridge when we come to it. It would be a first to me to see a worn-out trigger on anything under 40 years old. And no, I will not say you didn't warn me
About the scope: I wasn't planning on using that for serious FT. When the NJR goes into a drunken stupor, it is not worthy of carrying the Mk1 Big Beesa anyway.

Funny though - there are those that recommend the BSA 8-32x44 for FT. I have seen that this BSA cannot hold a candle to the Walther 8-32x56 in terms of rangefinding, though...
I'm not sure what I'll do with the scope. Sell it? Use it on another rifle? We'll see.
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with apologies to NJR100

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