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Default Hämmerli AR20 FT - oh good lord.

Seeing an ad for this rifle on this site, and deducting that these things are indeed ambidextrous), I was kinda curious - why would someone sell a rifle for such a low price?

Turns out that they are only something like 600 pounds? with a scope, even?

*whaaaat?* How can they do this? How can they do this to themselves, even? Are they trying to change the game?

So I started to look around for more info. Turns out that Walther is making this rifle down to a price, but apparently without sacrificing on accuracy.
But - if this gun is any good, how could one justify spending three times that amount on something else?

Much to my amazement, I like this thing - for its character. It is not even attempting to be fancy, it is just, very single-mindedly, designed for its purpose... like the designer is saying "... uh, sorry, but if you wanted it to be pretty, you should've said so earlier". And at the same time, it seems to be giving the finger to Steyr and FWB and even Walther itself, by setting the price point so ridiculously low that one would have trouble taking this seriously.

Much to my amazement, I like it so much that, even if it isn't dead-accurate (which it seems to be), I'd like to seeif I can squeeze it in my gun rack somewhere - if only as a backup for the Frankenrifle...

Oh Lord, what is happening to me?
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