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Default Thank you!

A big thank you to all' that have replied to this thread.Tomorrow i will be getting in contact with the organisation that are supposed to of trained
the holiday organisation on how to use a spring rifle' and to teach young children and adults how to use them.

The only reason I am making waves over this, is that our sport is always under-fret and none of us want any bad press. I was very pleased to see a holiday organisation introducing the sport of air rifle shooting, but to see the instructor cock the rifle and let go off the barrel and then load the rifle.
I think this is going to teach adults and children the wrong way, and some time down the line some one is going to get hurt.

Sorry to rant on about this but this is such a simple but important task to teach some one,
but for this holiday park they can't see it and after suggesting to the range person that they should hold the barrel while loading ,I think the guy thought I was an alien by the way he was looking at me, I showed him one of my cards from my own shooting club and after time spent talking to him he understood what I meant, but he told me, he can't hold the barrel and load as they haven't been taught that way. So I approached the management of the park, had a chat with them and to be quite honest with you , I personally think they are putting the money first before a persons safety. As said I will be contacting the organisation that has supposedly trained them and will post on here at a later date, that outcome.
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