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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Good stuff,i spoke to Rodger yesterday to see if it's possible to have a set of silhouettes at the euro's too,down on the zero range,NOT as a part of the euro's,but as a means of promoting the sport of silhouette shooting in our country to the public.Maybe even inviting the public to have a go themselves.
Going to speak to Harry Preston of steyr uk if maybe he would be intrested in coming along with afew of the various guns too.
If it is possible to do this then it needs putting in a place where the public can view whats going on at not a disruption to the main shoot,would of thought near the zero range is ideal.
I know it would be an idea to involve the public,but I think it's asking for trouble.
What happen's if there is an accident,if someone is heading home from the game fair ,who's to say how much alcohol they have consumed?
If Mr Moy think's it's a good idea, then discuss it further with him.
If people want a rack of sillies to practise their stander's on, then I can probably sort it, but I think the public thing is a no no.
Let's face it sillies are not a good intro to field target,all it will do is make the public think they don't want to do FT if it 's that hard.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.

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