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Default Bloody hell, I fixed something

Top day at tondu.

Tonights special guest start was Peter "Arms dealer" Jacobs, who I am pleased to say survived the day.

As rare as Arms dealer at club over the last two years has been, that was upstaged by an ever rarer occurance, absolutly no wind at tondu!

Now given the semi disaster i have had with the scope this week i took this a sign so took the time to make sure of pellet choice and of course scope set up.

The jerky wheel is no more, smooth as silk. Ma have been some dirt / grit in there? Anyway, range markings sopt on and finaly, after another barrel clean the pellets with their cases packed for next week showed themselves. Just as well as 50 tins of them arrived this morning lol

Guns sorted we headed up the hill to the top ponds, thankfully the hill did not finish Arms dealer off before we had started so we shot the first 4 targets, each hitting all 4 then it rained. So we ran away

Much muffin and tea consumption took place, tales from the river bank and then once Arthur turned up, the rain stopped.
Acid Hands was not far behnd so the four of us took on the hill again.
I dropped 1 ex 20, the 27m stander as my feert were not on flat ground and i was a bit swayy! Cant ever say i can remember going down the throat on the long pond and bank targets, easy meat, like shooting pm session in a Gp!
Arms Dealer fropped 5, nothing more than abit of rust i think for the original apprentice.
Acid and Arthur followed, Acid really is turning into a good apprentice as he was full of excuses for missing the 35m sitter ( 4 times lol) plus another 8, in no wind!
Arthur stated well but fluffed a few late on to finish on 5.
Arms dealer seemingly enjoying the day out headed straighty for the Easy ft course to do the 20 kneeling. Think he missed another 5, including a couple of 30m ish one he pulled right lol. The 32m 25ml got him though he hit the 15 ml pair.
I cleared them and have to say the Priest is back on form and having cut down on the usuall food this week so was I
Not sure about acid, think he claimed 4 misses kneeling but Arthur dropped 5, Sitting!
More time throwing lead down the ranges is all its about.
Mix it up a bit on Monday perhaps?

Now off to pack the case for germany
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