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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Get a spirit level jack and set it up and use it. Then do your windage indoors at 40yds. Then take note of the clicks and leave it there ( im assuming the t50 doesnt have turret caps )Don't go outdoors and convince yourself you need to change it. Fatal. 40 yds is 10-15 better than most ever get so you should be spot on.
I'll get a spirit level ordered this evening Rob.
The T50 does have turret caps. It comes with the manufactured ones on the elev & windage, but is also provided with a large unmarked one to replace the elev turret cap, if required.
Spirit Level now ordered Rob

Originally Posted by BDL View Post
I have the T50 LMS (Silver) on my Air Ranger and so far it's been spot on in all areas open sunny fields to dark woods and from open areas into the dark woods.

Looked at this one and a Sightron for twice the penny's, settled for the T50 after watching a mate struggle when his Sightron gets warm :-(, good choice mine is good up to 26-28c then it moves from the centre mark on the stickers to the top when really warm.

It's a pleasure to use and so far has not missed a range, the only problem is the operator not getting the wind right lol

Happy shooting with it
Thank you. That is very encouraging.
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