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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Good stuff Jack

Get a 'coaster' for the magnification ring

Helps with ease, and makes for fast adjustment, especially in the cold.

Spend time setting it up well. Do it on a range where you know the targets won't move, so if you discover a problem you have some constant to check against. Different methods, but I cut some target string, fray it, and stick it to some black gaffer tape to a target board so it sticks out to the side and range on that when setting up the wheel. You should be able to focus on a single strand quite far out, perhaps all the way. You can get into a right mess focusing on different colour boards. Do it on full mag as well and on a day without heat haze.

Make sure you have the eyebell set up before doing that though. Let your eyes come to rest for 20-30 mins before attempting. I find my eyes take 20 mins after taking off my glasses to settle. If you don't know how to set up the eyebell, ask

How you do your numbers is up to you, but i prefer marking the wheel with pencil first, then i keep my clicks on a separate sheet. This means if i need to change them for whatever reason, I can, I don't have to fiddle with the turret or wheel.

I use ATP61 adjustable mounts, easy to setup... i stick the scope to centre in the turrets (dialing one way then the other, then turning back 1/2 way), and then use the mounts to get me close to 55yds without dialing. This way I know I won't run out of travel when I come down to 8-10 yds.
Thanks Rob. That's excellent. I do like the idea of the frayed end of the string.
I have several coasters - in anticipation of today. The Mk3 will not be returned until next Wednesday. (though at least the work is finished) I still have to buy mounts, so I'll look at ATP61's.
I have some riser blocks (just in case) I may have acces to a 40 yds indoor target area and a 60yds outdoor range, which with a bit of luck may be sheltered from winds, on the day that I set up.

Originally Posted by Sharpe View Post
Good luck with that mate, I shall be watching your scores
Thank you. I will try hard not to disappoint

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Don't forget to remember to charge the batteries in your Devistate!
Then when you have a bad score you can always say you remembered to forget about them!
Begoraaagh. It wouldn't be the emerald oisle that yer from, would it ???
I spend most of my life forgetting things, to make room for the things I'm supposed to remember
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