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Originally Posted by Delphinus View Post
Like a couple wrote the important is to hit the target, for me meters or yards is the same when you guys go under 1 inch is where the problem starts for me is extremely difficult and make little sense have to divide a value for another to obtain the result 1/8” = 0.32” why don’t just write the number

There are history reasons for the metric and imperial and the tendency is forward the metric, but why make the thinks harder is you think in yards.

If you guys look to a tyre you will find the size of the wheel in inches, the wide of the tyre in millimetres so for the ones that like to give the fingers up no worries things should stay the same

P.S. Unless in EBern some states that there is a law and you have to use meters… probably is time to rewrite the BFTA manuals.
because it's not the good value LoL

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