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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Illness, either gun or shooter does nothing to promote realistic grades, unusually low only help "ringers" heading down the grade!
However, as you have a Zenith a Cant imagine any of your "Cabbage" scores are down to Gun?

And thats the point Tool, being honest with yourself. I mysef have a couple of "Cabbage" scores I planted in Mfta last winter. Must be the different MFTA soil?

You can always elect to go up a grade or more, some have this summer hoping to make it up a grade on merit and indeed some have made it, some have not.
Final Update on that after Euro weekend. Winter grades start Sept 16th ish?
That's the trouble I am honest and honest with my performance which currently is p1ss poor and has been for some time but hey ho.

Never blamed the Haggis Cannon once its far better than i'll ever be, if I do slip back into A I would always opt up to AA anyway.

Always remember a cabbage as a heart !

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