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Default Preliminary conclusion: barrel too yucky

Thanks, Si.

I cleaned the barrel yesterday (quite a bit of crud came out), and this evening, because I needed to lead the barrel up a bit, I decided to shoot 20 shots over the chrony. The first shot was slowest at 238.2 m/sec, all the rest was between 241.6 and 243.3. ES at 5 m/sec, av at 242.0 and sd at 1.00... I'm quite happy with that. Not bad for such an old slouch (23 years and a bit).

So I sat down (not rested, just sitting FT) and took a charge of shots at 50m.
Looking through the scope at 50x mag made it clear that this was not a good shooting day... way too much unrest in the sight picture, I had trouble keeping the aim point inside a 1"circle which, even for me, is fairly horrible.

The good news is that this was fairly accurately reflected in the groups that I shot... the first two were crap, but when I settled down a bit (still not good), group sizes shrunk to about 30mm. Which is a *lot* better than whatever would pass for groups yesterday, from a rest!

So it looks like the rifle has not completely gone to pot. The jury is still out to judge if it will be any good... but I sure hope so. I would hate to write this off, if only because I like it so much... way better than a clinical tool like a Walther or Steyr or EV2. If only I can find someone that actually wants to service it...

The question whether or not the hammer should be left dry is answered... someone was kind enough to direct me to the manual, which states that the hammer should be covered in a thin film of PTFE spray. Good... I have that, it is also sold as a lubricant for racing bike chains.
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