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Originally Posted by pauljv View Post
If you did change everything to metric what would be the outcome not sussed it out but would you have bigger gaps between 50 m and 45 m rather than 55yrds and 50yrds
If you changed your scope to meters you would have one less referance point ergo bigger gaps
asuming 5yard increments after 30 yards 5 meters after 30 meters

But this is not the point of the post I am talking about the rules course setters have to follow
8to55 yards for a 40mm kill or 8to 50 meters
8to 35 yards for a 25mm or 8to *** meters
8to 25 yards for a 15mm or 8to *** meters
(*** = what ever the govening body wants it to be)

You would still set your scope to what increments you wanted yards, feet,bananas,or anything else
what ever you use is only a guide to the number of clicks of elevation required to place a pellet on the cross hair of your scope on the target at that distance

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