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The position used by the lady for the very high close ones . was used for the first time in comps as far as i know years ago by wayne twelthtrees . he worked it up in response to quite a few high close minis used in GPs at the time . it works very well and puts no strain on the body . back then we were using 10.06 grain pellets and the scopes were not of the best . so after 50 yards ranging was pretty hit and miss . so he worked out a averageing system . IE if you could not make out it was 52 or 55 . you gave it 52 and aimed into the top of the kill . if it was 55 it hit at the bottom of the kill , if it was 52 it hit at the top . pretty simple nowadays . but then when things were far from simple . a great help . there were no forums and the top shots would tell you nothing . ??? HOLLY
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