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Was not sure where to put this.
Had problems with my Gladiator seals, the 2 seals on the air tanks, No Part in the diagrams, But is seams a composite metal rubber seal is in the listing. After trying for some time to get a verification of the size of the composite seal. Gave up. and decided to make my own.

The FX or Logun Gladiator, as you know has two air tanks, which are designed to be removed for transport, very difficult to do, as you will loose some pressure, But possible with a little lose. But if the seals from the air tanks is faulty, forget it, cannot even use the rifle anyway. Which is where I found myself.
Several emails, No replies. cannot find out if the seal on the list is the one I need, even the company that told me about the one in the list, has not replied to me about the size of them.

The seal is basically a metal ring, with rubber bonded in the centre, due to the high pressure, the metal is needed to stop the rubber just pushing out, tried a copper washer, which is used in some high pressure applications, no go. So I took a SS washer, I think it was for a M12 bolt, and ground the centre out, until I could just get a rubber 'O' ring in, about 13-14mm OD, I think. Watever it is Just fits over the threads. Washer about 2 mm thick. 1st try pressure to 150, as that was all I had left in my fill tank. Was ok for several days, then just lost it, bottles were just, hand tight. After the lose of pressure, I then found that I could get another 1/3 turn on the stock tank. With a new fill of 232 on my fill tank. Pressured to 200, slight leak, from stock tank, hand tighten a bit more, total extra not 1/2 a turn. Now sat testing. 2 days still has not moved from the 150+ it dropped to after the 200 fill.

So if anyone else cannot find the correct seal, as I have been unable to do, a solution is possible, Thanks to all that did not reply, I include FX themselves in that, plus a well know supplier over here in the north, that failed to reply to query about sizes.

Hope this helps some people to use their Gladiator again.

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