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Default Imperial or metric

Just thinking out loud, is it not time we went fully over to to the metric system?
target kill zones are measured in mm
pelets are mesured in mm
scopes are mesured in mm
so why do we still measure target distances in yards 8 to 55 for 40 mm kills
8to 25 for 15mm kills
8 to 35 for 25mm kills
So there for doe's it not make sence to have these distances in their metric equivulent

Be fore anyone gets the wrong idear and tells me I can use metric to range find I
know this and that is not the point of this post as I believe Tool already uses carrot lenthes

To add to the debate for safty NEFTA have incressed the minimum distance for the winter league
shoots to 10 yards I believe this to be a good idear again your thoughts

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