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Originally Posted by flyfisher View Post

Of course the World Championship will take place smoothly I'm sure, and at the end we will consider only the positive, and that's the problem.

For this misunderstanding never happens again, we must impose the signing of the rules of the host country Fédération together with the WFTF.

There may be compromises, but they must to be discussed at least one year earlier before the inscriptions .

When we accept responsibility, we don't do it lightly and we have to assume.

for soccer, FIFA impose their rules, for the F1 FIA impose too, for FT???
When I read the rules imposed by WFTF I see a large number of points that are unclear, and points which are not addressed.

When I wrote the French regulation (for a few years before the creation of AFFT) I was much more precise in my words and trying to impose this rules.

Of course rules aren't always well written, but it must be respected, they can always be changed for the following year.

But , if they're constantly adapted to please well I do not call them rules.It's open door for the misunderstanding and troubles.
A competitor needs clear rules to reassure him. The federation needs specific rules to exist, otherwise it's discord.

Nevertheless I remain optimistic and am sure that all these teething problems will be corrected in the future and everything will be perfect (if perfection exists in this world).
This is because I really like this sport I am touched by what happens and I write what i think. The day I didn't say anything like many other shooters it will be too late for me .

These statements are only mine and does not commit the french shooters and even less AFFT.

I want to clarify that I assaulted nobody. I respect all my comrades who gives it hard to advance our sport

total respect to them

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