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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Not at all. EFTA's dominance is only in the team event and that's because it holds and develops the best shooters by competition. South Africa gives us a run for our money with far far less shooters at home. The individual title though has been won by other countries far smaller in participant count than England. (Northern Ireland, Spain for instance) Northern Ireland requires an FAC.

Surely though it should not be the case the a country can send it's entire collection of participants to the event, no matter what level of experience they have, when seasoned shooters who stand a realistic chance of placing are kept at home by the increased competition inside their own country. If a country is unable to develop then what can a country expect? At the moment we have the situation where 16 places have been reserved for every country, yet many can't either send 16, or they only have 16 shooters to send, or just ask anyone who fancies a trip abroad to hold a gun because there's 16 places to fill.

The teams stay the same size no matter how big the country, but surely the purpose of a world championships is to find the best shooters? As much as it's nice it's a collection of the sport from the globe, and history dictates it's a open etc, reality bites.
Ah, THAT makes matters quite a bit clearer - you are talking about shooter seats in the Worlds. I assumed you were on about the number of votes in WFTF decisions.

To me, this makes a lot more sense. Surely a system could be devised wherein the number of shooters in, say (arbitrary number) the number of shooters a country has in the best 10% of the field determines (or partly determines) how many seats you get in the next Worlds. Something like that? Makes sense to me (but no, this is MY opinion, not, or not necessarily, the Dutch ft governing board's opinion).
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