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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I'd personally suggest some pretty fundamental changes to the constitution as well.

I've got a framework in my head, it's not going to please everyone, but hopefully it would be fair to all. It's based upon the amount of shooters a nation has competing, and should reward those countries where they see increased participation in the sport at home.
Keep in mind that "those countries where they see increased participation in the sport at home" is not "fair to all".

Imagine what it would do to Field Target participation if you would have to have a FAC to compete (which is the German situation).

Or imagine what it would do to FT participation if population density would be doubled, and you'd hardly have any forests to speak of, and people generally live so close together that shooting is frowned upon, and ie is hard to find any location suitable for shooting (which is the situation in The Netherlands).

This would make continental governing bodies frown upon the idea that the English would reward themselves for being blessed with such a high level of participation - which seems to be essentially what you are proposing.

In a worst-case scenario, that would lead to FT becoming a British sport once again, where Brittannia rule the waves and us forrinners either tag along or just give up altogether, and I would be *very* sorry if that would happen.
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