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Originally Posted by peterh View Post

What COULD we learn? Well, for instance that, if the organising committee thinks that there should be deviations from the rules, these deviations are to be put forward to a WFTF committee, to be reviewed, and amended if necessary AND possible, before publication... just to name something.
Again, something the EFTA have suggested for quite a few years, further adding that rule changes where necessary should be agreed before hosting is awarded.

The thing is, we only had a vote on the muzzle over foot behind 2 years ago (from memory)... I don't recall any objections then. And what hasn't helped is leaving it soooo late.

The EFTA have made continual suggestions with the aim to reduce bumps in the road we could foresee way ahead of time. We've mentioned the capacity issue, the lack of core rules (which to some degree have now been addressed), entry issues... all way ahead of time. We were asking the BDS in spring 2012 about possible demand solutions then, stating how many we had stating interest, and were told there wasn't a problem.

What is clear is that a number of countries wish to see some solutions to these problems, so hopefully the informal meeting will be productive and provide some sort of frame work for discussion later. Hopefully also we have more interest in the discussion than we've previously had before, because as much as a few countries and chairman can do, it's up to the WFTF members to get stuck in as well. I'd personally suggest some pretty fundamental changes to the constitution as well.

I've got a framework in my head, it's not going to please everyone, but hopefully it would be fair to all. It's based upon the amount of shooters a nation has competing, and should reward those countries where they see increased participation in the sport at home.
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