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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
the Germans blatantly ignoring a WFTF core rule and attempting to change another (firing line position) only parts of the competition.
I think the first key word here is "blatantly". That suggests that they were aware of the discrepancy and CHOSE to ignore it.
What we don't know is whether they were aware of the core rule. I've just looked at the core rules myself (, and what RobF explained to me yesterday about course layout is not blatantly obvious to me. I've just read it a couple times, and I still don't see it (but it's probably not "blatantly omitted" )

The other thing you assume is that they were "attempting to change another".

I agree with you that, if the new WFTF rule is followed, feet could be stuck over the firing line. Question is again, are they aware of the consequences of said wording?

I think you are incorrectly assuming that the Germans are trying to sabotage things.
Yes, it may be that mistakes have been made - but I am positively sure that they weren't as blatantly consciously made as you are assuming. He who makes no mistakes, learns nothing and accomplishes nothing.

Keep in mind that, due to the history, and the number of shooters on the British isles being several orders of magnitudes larger than in any country on the Continent, it is more than likely that you guys know a *lot* more about this stuff than we do - chances that you run into a rules question and resolve it are way bigger than that we would run into the same question.

What COULD we learn? Well, for instance that, if the organising committee thinks that there should be deviations from the rules, these deviations are to be put forward to a WFTF committee, to be reviewed, and amended if necessary AND possible, before publication... just to name something.

Trust me... I know Volker quite well, and he's NOT trying to screw you... he's actually a very nice chap.

I ask you, who's caused bad feelings and in your opinion are the RGB representatives within their own right to feel aggrieved?
Hence, I answer you, I believe that nobody has intentionally caused bad feelings. And I really believe that it makes sense to be aggrieved merely because you feel you have the RIGHT to be aggrieved. Chances are that these things might well be solved in a satisfactory manner once you guys get there (yes, I *am a wee bit jealous) to the satisfaction of anyone involved, if all those involved act maturely about it. If that don't work, THEN is the time to be aggrieved.
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