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Calling the Words 2013 a carnival before even arriving on the scene is not doing any good. What it might very well do is turn the event into a p1ss1ng match, and spoil it for very many people involved.
Oh, and create bad blood. If we want FT to be recognized as a real sport at the same level as golf, that is what you absolutely want to prevent.

If it is still the case that the WFTF is nothing but a cooperation of the national governing bodies, without so much as an independent commission that is responsible for everyday tasks, the correct phrasing should not be
Please WTF, do things seriously and think to the shooters otherwise it will be better to organize carnivals.

"The national governing bodies constituting the WFTF, should learn from this and make arrangements that this will be dealt with more carefully in the future."
So, if you are on the committee of the French governing body, get on it. If you're not on the committee, make sure they get into action.

While I have nothing whatsoever to do with FT on the organisational level anymore (and as such can speak fairly freely), I would say "okay, this is the situation now - we'll have to deal with it, so let's just make the best of it... and then, after the worlds, the reps of the national governing bodies should sort of kind of "sit down and see what we've learnt, and how to deal with it."


ps: my opinion is my own, and completely independent on any stance the Dutch Field Target Association might have (read: DFTA is innocent of any crimes I commit here )
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