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All these troubles are not very serious and it innerve myself
Discuss points of rules as important, only a few days before the beginning of the competition.
I say it is not serious at all.
Sorry but The WFTF not performing its role. If we want that FT be recognized as a real sport at same level as golf, we must respect strictly the internationals rules of WFTF. If not you have to rename the worlds: funfair where anybody does what he want and hoping that God save the bests.

All hither gives not want to participate and the image of FT is scorned.

International rules exist and must be strictly observed.

If a country can’t ensure full compliance with these rules, it should not be authorized to assume competitions as the world championships.
These are instances of the WFTF that constantly flout the rules that have established themselves when allowing derogations.

Imagine World Cup soccer, the rules are not clear as ours; it would be a truly global war preparation.

It is not very serious.
Please WTF, do things seriously and think to the shooters otherwise it will be better to organize carnivals.

I am appalled and shocked even. And really these problems did not give us the desire to go there.
This kind of crap makes that I'll never participate at a world championship in the future and now I'm sure it will better to participate in an open like Euskadi, Millau or other Nefta respectful of the rules and consistent.
WFTF must recover itself or it's a disaster in the future.
This is just my opinion
Without any afterthought and agressivity to anyone

Thank You.
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