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Default SFT @ Worlds?

One of the problems I had Sunday was the scope wheel on no 27 leup became jerky.
This does not help range finding at all. Initially i thaught it was due toi a few weeks off the gun and it would smooth itself out.
However, Monday and today have seen continued jerky focus attempts which have made accurate range finding something of a hit or miss situation.
Like Mr.Sheens shooting?

Anyway, a nice man who knows about these things says likley to be O ring.

so, 1 week before the worlds wheel will be off tomotrrow for inspection and hopefully just a simple fix?

Otherwise its no 1 Luep???

Saing that, My kind hairy mate Woody did offer the Silver March to take, but having tried the Silver t35 today i prefere that

Silver t35 improvement over old T35, that was good especially for the 200 they go 2nd hand. New silver one will cost 360 with wheel, but still very nice scope for little Dosh/

Shall look forward to testing / setting up Friday.

Pellet testing went well today, mainly because I am on a week preperation for worlds and thus not eating my ususall Rubbish food. Water, pasta (night before, I knew I knew, used to work for 220 magazine you know) and felt pretty steady today.
Even went so far as to laminate test cards so pellet strikes were clear.

Will have to look into results in detail later, but some old Ammo may be on its way to germany.
still got 7 tins of connors favourite Jsb and it has to be said they work superbly in all barrels I have tried.

Now down to 4 options pellet wise, hopefully 2 by Fridays finish?

Busy day at tondu

Zak wheeling and dealing as usuall. Think he will be the new Club "Arthur"? Arthur Daily that with hs "deals"
Deals done with Tosh and Bob on cases, think Arthur must be going on holidays?

Acid Hands turned up late and is very happy with his MEGA die 34.

Shot the Practise course, Myself, Arthur, Mr.Sheen and Cliff Richard.
Cliff (aka Nigel) revealed his age tonight, none of us believed he could be that old yet look so young.
Can you tell I am sweet talking in case i need to take his T35 to germany next week lol

Anyway, windy on the ponds, breezy on the banks and down the throat on the slopes

Zak shot well for 15, equals his Pb but in tougher conditions was actually much better shooting than the last 15.
Mr Sheen and Cliff were close, 5 - 6. Both will improve.
I was back to being Awesime despite the dodgy wheel and hit 19 ex 20. Priest + no 2 stock + dodgy no 27 scope

Top pellets dont know why I have not been using them????
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