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Default Panic strikes - NJR100 all over the place

So, this evening (no wind) I sat down to do some true 50m testing from a rest with the FrankenRifle that is my somewhat-NJR100. The same rifle that gave me pound-size groups (when seated rather than from a rest).

I had a couple different tins of pellets, and was planning to compare them with my reference pellet, the new old stock Daystate FT 4.51 that I bought eleven years ago.
I started with the reference pellet, to see how tight the groups would be from the Outers Varminter rifle rest.

Turns out the darn thing is all over the place! @&%$#!!!

Same with the JSB's and the Air Arms Field that I used to shoot with.
Taking the moderator off made no discernible difference. In the end I went to shooting the thing from the sittin position, but as it was becoming progressively darker (the sun had been down for over half an hour) and I was progressively irritated and not at all in anything remotely resembling a zone, that was no success either.

The funny thing is that yesterday, on my plinking range, the rifle was doing fairly well at 40 metres when seated.

To the NJR100 shooters here: how often does this barrel want to be cleaned? That is currently the only thing I can think of. I cannot remember with any certainty how often I did that ten years ago.
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with apologies to NJR100
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