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Default On a completely different subject....... THE WEBSITE....

Sorry to hijack your thread, Dave, but as people from the region actually seem to be reading this I'm going to butt in!

For the past 4 - 5 years I have been threatening that, "This is my last year running the CSFTA website" well, this year I mean it! I have taken on more commitments in another hobby and next year I will not have time, and having been involved/volunteered is some way for the last 8 years or more I feel I have done my bit.

So, if you want the website to continue after the end of the coming Winter League someone needs to step forward. The domain is registered to, and paid for by me, as is the webspace the site is on. I will transfer the domain to whoever takes it over or let it lapse.

Thanks for looking, and don't be shy

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