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Originally Posted by peterh View Post
But that is the case here, right?

Each of the three courses has 25 lanes, 2 targets each.

Or should we be looking at a situation where you have essentially ONE course, with a red Lane One, a blue Lane One, and a yellow Lane One, all adjacent to each other?

For me, that would be a novelty, But then again, what do I know? This is 2013... and I shot my last Worlds in 2001 in England, wherein, I remember, a layout like the one that the BDS now uses was in effect.
That is what should happen and has happened for all the worlds since and including the last time Germany hosted (except Norway which held one course). It's to prevent one course being exposed to a problem like weather on one day that others are not. In Italy for instance there was a massive downpour luckily when everyone had finished. But if one course was held back by a stoppage for instance or had less shelter then those shooters would suffer what others wouldn't. I've also seen wind direction changes meaning separate courses carrying different wind on different days.
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