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I think there is confusion as to what German Law requires which would not then permit the application of 'common sense'.

The firing line is not defined in the same way from WFTF - "Shooting line. The shooting line/position is indicated by a clear line on the ground or two posts between which competitors must shoot from. When shooting, the barrel of a rifle may be in front of this line, but the trigger must remain behind it. "

Which says the muzzle could apparently be behind the line ? (Definitely not so for BFTA). No mention of foot, etc.

BDS says " It will be shot according to the WFTF rules with some marginal exceptions due to the German Firearms Legislation"
BDS has "The feet of the shooter may not touch the ground mark of the firing line. The muzzle, however, must be in target direction in front of it." which kind of implies the Legislation requires it but that is confused when "There are some lanes where this is impossible and such cases are treated as exceptions. In such cases the muzzle must be in front of the ground marking and the trigger behind it. "

Clearly BFTA Rules are better :-) I hope Rob can get this clarification well in advance.

Also I would expect the clarification to appear on the as it would be irresponsible to assume discussion on S-t-B is sufficient for an International event - as cool as S-t-B is :-)

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