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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
The additional rule of foot not over the line ( the rule actually says touching ), but muzzle in front of line and trigger behind it - doesn't appear to be as a result of legislation either, since they have also said that it doesn't apply to all lanes. I don't know many laws that would be lane specific - but I'm no expert in German firearms legislation.

"The feet of the shooter may not touch the ground mark of the firing line."

I am not sure what "the ground mark of" is, but this seems to suggest that the feet may not touch "the mark on the ground that marks the firing line".

Which seems to indicate that the WFTF rule change IS implemented.
The reason why it does not apply to all lanes is because "There are some lanes where this is impossible and such cases are treated as exceptions. In such cases the muzzle must be in front of the ground marking and the trigger behind it."
I am not sure why, on some lanes, this would be impossible... except if they mean that the feet must remain behind the firing line.

Confusion ensues.
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