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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
I _think_ Dieter's post above suggests that the differences between DBS and WFTF rules are listed on their web site?
A recent update to the WFTF website (a month ago) contains the briefing that has caused the questions.

The post starts with :

"The Worlds 2013 will be shot according to the WFTF Rules as far as the restrictive German Firearm Legislation permits it. The changes are marginal and will not really affect the rules."

Which suggests that any deviation from the core rules are because of German legislation and haven't just been made on a whim and that they changes are only minor and shouldn't be of any concern.

The update says that the course will be split into 3 courses in different parts of the Woods, which goes against the core rules - as far as I can tell, this is not as a result of any German legislation. The reason they have gone against the core rules has been given that in the core rules it says 'Should' and not 'Must'.

The additional rule of foot not over the line ( the rule actually says touching ), but muzzle in front of line and trigger behind it - doesn't appear to be as a result of legislation either, since they have also said that it doesn't apply to all lanes. I don't know many laws that would be lane specific - but I'm no expert in German firearms legislation.
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