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Default Just for Ernie, 23 excuses

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Yes mr ratboy, Evans got a good pumping at anston.... But when it came to handing over the money, I had a strange feeling come over me So I looked deep into my dark and twisted soul......and found a tiny bit of "pity"...and let him off, due to his technical difficultys he had with the set up of his scope and gun..... As for simons score ask him yourself
For which I blame Redferns Zero range.
Well got to blame something!

Windage was out, but not as much as i thaught it would seem after yesterdays all day test session. I was over compensating. However, i neglected to mark the position of the scope before breaking it, then when fixed back saturday it has been found to be in a different place thus causing wrong guestimation of where a target was.
I made nothing more than 49 yards sunday lol

However, i had top top company. I burst out laughing when i saw poor old Woody had been lumbered with us, but I think it was superb trio, the Good (Fisher), The Posh Boy and the Clueless lol.

In truth, Woody shot well but made a couple of silly rushed shots. I cant help but think we may have been some part of that, as by then i was not taking things too seriously. I think its where myself and Woody, being fairly new to top flight shooting still have some ground to make on the very best of the Best.
That is where I would class Fisher after Sunday. His shooting in those windy Am conditions was MEGA. Propper gp shooting!
Least, apart from the steep downhill stander.
I think he was still laughing and pumping me, as I had just double dinked them. He lined up on the short one and "missed the plate" ??!?!!
Turns out, about two lanes later we came to the conclusion he had infact forgot to load a pellet, as i said i think because he was still giving me grief during his 2 minutes. Cant say i have ever seen that done by a top AA shooter beofore and it meant my Wee Driver pumped him by 1. But in far less wind.
I am somewhat worried at his lack of killer instinct, not taking a 1 off me. No dought in the winter he shall be a little less leanient on home turf.

Once i got to 7 down ex 20, Fisher and Woody were 2 and 1 respectivley and I knew the chance of a top 10 finish was well gone, there was no point trying so i gussed here and there.
If I missed the first target in a lane, as in the superb T1 up the tree, I re shot it for practice, not bothered about the row of 0 it produced. I had by the last 10 targets, having twidled the windage dial 4 clicks, got some estimation of how far windage was out and flucked 9 of the last 10 including taking the last two, some 45 and 50 yards kneeling, and hitting them lol

Other reasons for my new friend from up north, him with Short fat hairy legs
snapped windicator, shorts too long, die 24 not die 34, cursed "Rhodes" hat, unbalenced by new badges on back of coat, having photo taken by Jack, spending the night in a truck stop.............

Hopefully i will manage a few Mfta winter shoots, having seen the early stages of the No 3 Warren edwards stock Sunday morning I am somewhat excited about it now, is it ready yet? Looks good and when glossed i think will be very nice piece of work. Top bloke Warren.
I think that between Oct - Dec will give me chance to drop New Rev into it and decide if its 2014 Gun?

2014? Doughtfull that Many (6 max) Gp will feature on the travel list and thus I suspect my supply of over sized tops will come to an end. Have Accrington Stanley got an Ft team?
It seems to me that to do well in the Gp series you really need to do say 8 out of 9. Yes Woody made top 10 on 7 shoots, but needed a good last one with nothing spare like others. As i cant commit to that in 014 it becomes less attractive. Like Holly when the sun comes up

Spain is no 1 Shooting choice in 2014, definatley looking to spend a few days if not a week in Euskadi.
Acid hands is up for it for sad nav will be plugged in for that.
Have heard that some sort of other Euro shoot, in Euro may take place as there seems to be far less interest in 2014 Worlds not only from Uk but rest of Euro. That may have appeal if right dates.

Swefta: have enjoyed doing almost a full season. However, it seems with one to go and a 4 - 2 lead, i need Nigel to have a mare at the final and I have to win as i am 5 ish points adrift. Again, missing a round too costly.
As such, i may only pick the grounds that i thaught were a real challenge this year and return next year. There have been quite a few of those however, I really have enjoyed the Swefta league this year.

Closer to home? Unless a few things change I cant see it. The "that will do" mentality does not get my vote over Bfta Rules!

Its been good, World domination is the plan next week, not a betting man myself but i recon any one of about 30 could win it with some luck? I shall be applying El Capitanos top tip as it almost worked in Norway.
I just forgot to use it during 2013 lol

Its Ft only from here on in though
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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