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Originally Posted by Thepointman View Post
Rule 1.6 "
Seating. The maximum height for any form of seating is 150 mm (6”) when flattened between 2 boards. The seat may only be used as an aid in sitting or kneeling shots."*
The shooter is Kristin Antsmäe, I had the privilege to shoot with her this weekend and she's a top shooter.
There is a German rule that invalidates that shot, is a stupid and a grey one because of the exceptions, her foot is over the firing line so it’s illegal.

e. The feet of the shooter may not touch the ground mark of
the firing line. The muzzle, however, must be in target direction in front of it. There are some
lanes where this is impossible and such cases are treated as exceptions. In such cases the muzzle
must be in front of the ground marking and the trigger behind it.
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