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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I don't agree that 1/8th clicks are unnecessary, indeed I much prefer them
There's not a real need for them in FT, 1/8 MOA @ 50 m covers 1.82 mm so with 1/4 MOA clicks the maximum difference between theoretical and dialled elevation is 1.82 mm while with 1/8 MOA clicks it is 0.91 mm, I don't think that this would count so much. Please consider that even 1 metre misranging causes already 3.5 mm POI-shift...

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
they make no difference to the amount of MOA on a turn, which on this scope is something like 16-17 MOA...
I don't think so, just have a look at the S&B scopes, the size of one click is physically limited (about 2/3 of a mm), the FT version with 1/4 clicks has 32 MOA in one turn while PM-II with 1/8 click has only 16 MOA.
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