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Got to try the Kahles while at the Anston Grand Prix today. It's certainly different having the focus adjustment on the top, but not impossible. Can be used standing without too much problem, by supporting the rifle under the hamster and then using the trigger hand to adjust the wheel

Optical clarity - was able to focus on undergrowth at distance in shadow inside the wood at Anston. The image was nice and bright at full mag.
Focus - snappy, almost digital in the way it comes into focus. Image appears fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy, CLEAR, fuzzy .... there's no fading, like a Bushnell or Leupy
Size - the blurb posted on the web give the impression that it's an enormous scope - it isn't. The eyebell is large, as is the saddle but the overall impression is that it's smaller and shorter than a big Nikko

The focus - it's notchy on the this prototype model. It's not easy to fine adjust
Reticle - not suitable for FT
The standard wheel - too thin, and the scallops on the edge may provide something to grip but there's no way to mark it for distance.
Pointer: where do you put one? Looks like a modified top strap will be needed. Special from Sportsmacth or Rowan?

Should be interesting if Kahles listen to the the comments and come up with fixes. A smoother wheel and a better reticle will go a long way to making this a top-end scope offering. Be good to see some details on how repeartable it is in different light/temperature conditions.

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