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Originally Posted by steg View Post
Parallax at top looks a bit strange but he says better than AO and sidewheel...???
Well saw the scope today....and I think it could be a winner. Optics excellent, focus snaps in/out very crisply. Move a yard or two and its obviously out of focus.

This is the prototype that, to be honest, will need further refinement for airgun shooters (I understand another prototype which has had further development will able to be seen in Germany)
The parallax wheel was a bit 'notchy' (remember this is a rough and ready prototype) and will definitely need reworking for us so that we are able to put the range marks on, more visible turret marks etc.
The general consensus about the wheel on top was good...not the reaction I expected.One seasoned (grizzled) shooter who parallaxes standing for his standers soon got the hang of of it and declared it better because of the way he could support the scope whilst doing so.
The field of view was a little limited compared to say a Nikko,but didn't bother me.
Turn the mag down from 50 (whose image was as bright as any scope I've seen on a darkening afternoon) to 42 and it was as though a light had been shone on the target - very bright and crisp.
I don't know the weight of the scope but it certainly looked as though it could be relatively lighter than other big mag scopes.
Temperature shift...who knows yet?

If the development guys at Kahles listen to airgunners and their needs, I think they could have a product that will sell really well among us.

I would certainly consider one at the projected price range 1500 - 2000.
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