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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
A bit of a breeze, I take it then Andy ?
That's got to be a bit of an advantage for you, hasn't it? Setting up the course. Intimate knowledge of all of the targets. You're going to share all of your insider knowledge with all of your contemporaries, of course. We would expect nothing less from a gentleman.

One of these days Gilly my lad, I'm going to get someone to point out to me who you are.
Then I'm going to ask you "what's all this business about FISH ??????" I've been bewildered by this ever since I joined the Forum.
In fact. I might just do it as you're all lined up for the 'tester-up-a-tree-number1-target' tomorrow.
A tip for you, find the smallest guy at the shoot........and Gilly will inevitably be smaller its just you hadn't spotted him. Grumpy little guy usually with a lucky red pen in hand, can't help you with the fish but there are a lot of Cornish sardines about these days.
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