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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
I don't know what the weather is like at Anston this evening, but if it's as windy as it has been here in Northampton all day, tomorrow will be fun, if it stays the same.
The pigeons and gulls are scooting across the sky at 60MPH. Only in one direction though. They're on sticks coming back.

In fact, its so windy that if I was shooting tomorrow, with my propensity for being well wide of the mark, there's a good chance I could actually hit one or two targets. (which would be a novelty)
I can't wait to see how the top guys do it.

The guys shooting at Sywell tomorrow morning will have to aim at Bedfordshire to be in with a chance of ringing the bell at 55yds.

Seriously, is any allowance made if it's blowing a gale say, during the morning session, and then it all becomes calm and sunshine for the afternoon session?
Or do competitors just have to take the conditions as they come?
Eyup jack mi ewd .
If ya thought the Northampton prairie wo blustery today ya should've been perched at the top of the tree wi me fixing number 1 target for tomorrow ....... Phew .
Had to cut all the branches off it to stop it swaying .
It'll be a tester ..... oh yes .
Good luck all .
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