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I have just returned home after being out all day and guess what???????????? I'm banned from the Anston Forum. Me.... Mr Nice Guy, little ole me!!!!!

Do I hear anyone asking why???????

Good, thought I did.

Welllllll it all started with this ham shanker who once did a sterling job up at this quaint little shooting club near Eckington. Everything went swimmingly well for a while, whilst ever he had total control and the answer to every question was "yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir." But then............This ham shanker buggered off from the club, leaving the club to fend for itself. This it did quite admirably, competing in both NEFTA & UKAHFT shoots and being quite sucessfull too. Until the wanderer decided it was time to return. Now you know the song so lets all sing along "All we want for christmas is a sitting shed, a sitting shed a sitting shed etc etc etc." And because I chose to debate the pros & cons of getting one ..........I get banned for negativism. I thought saying NO was being negative but maybe the yorkshire dialect is different to the southern one, I don't know. (Do you know who it is yet????).

Anyway, I'll finish with the altered words to another song:

Its my forum (party) and I'll ban who I want to, ban who I want to, ban who I want to. You will be banned too if you argue with me"

Guys as you can see, its so farcical its not worth taking seriously. The man is puddled.
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