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Originally Posted by CameronWilson View Post
Is it normal for a new HW77K in .177, to produce so much recoil that the scope moves in the mounts both horizontally (moves back in the mount until the flare in the objective bell stops it) and rotation (spins so that there is cant).

I've checked to make sure that both the mounts and the tube are clean and free from oil, and I'm tightening the bolts up alternatively to the point where any more pressure is going to start to mark the tube.


I would check first that the rear mount has a 'recoil restraint screw', and that it is engaged in one of the three indents on the top of the action. You need one on a springer.
Whilst the scope is off, check that there is a clean, slip free surface on each of the semicircular mount surfaces and caps.
The mounts need to be tight on the dovetailed rail, but the scope caps need only to be tightened to hold the scope firmly.

I found that with my HW77 it was important to get my cheek in the right place on the stock first, then position the scope to suit that head position; this will identify which of the three indents on the top of the action to use. If you position the scope first, you then have to relocate your cheek on the stock to suit the scope, which may cause eye-relief &/or parallax problems.

If all of that fails to produce the results you require, return the gun to the point of sale and discuss the problem with them.
The recoil on my 77 is barely noticeable - certainly not violent, as you suggest that yours is.
Even for a new gun, it shouldn't be doing what you describe: in my humble opinion.

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