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Originally Posted by peterh View Post
When you say 'batch' when referring to JSB, do you mean the entire 7 or 8 digit long number (die id, operator id, tester id, year) or just the batch number?

Simon (NJR100) is constantly referring to die 34 (specifically 34000013), whereas others talk about the batch ID, which may be the same for different dies... right?

edit: and indeed, I would trust resources like this forum better than magazines like agw or ags (less exclamation marks). I assume that pax is a major regular advertiser?
Die number is what i have found to be the deciding factor.

7 or 8 figure number along top of label contains such. I only really take notice of the die number, which is either first number if low die such as die 5 or double such as die 34. etc.

I have die 36 from 2011 and 2012, both are mega so i dont take too much notice of year and none of operator / quality - middle numbers.

I take no notice of the myth number as to have found most to to be around 4.46 - 48.
The batch number (single sigure on own) could prove to be important, in theory, I have never gone on that either though as a good die works.

then sells out lol
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