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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It's one of my common bugbears down at clubs... new shooter turns up, really struggling to hit toffee... look at pellets, and 9/10 times they are something cheap (which understandable for new purchases) and rubbish... if they're of the same calibre of my rifle i normally chuck them a load, and magically they start hitting things. JSB's go well even in the cheap chinese co2 things... and whilst most shooters are concerned with pellet on pellet at 55yds, they're more than happy when they suddenly get 1/2 group at 20yds off the bench with something they've previously been struggling to get 1/2 foot groups with before.
Quite agree Rob, our club has a number of tins for visitors to trays. We have found they buy what ever pellet the only shop has then find it difficult to hit anything. The JSB are a good pellet as the hit rate usually increases, especially when the rifles are zeroed correctly.
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