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Well I can't believe it Chris to tell you the truth.
I went on the Anston forum earlier under Ryans account which had mistakenly not been deleted and a post had been put up saying that certain members had posted negativley and had such been banned.

I put on a reply saying how dare anyone suggest that I had been nagative and just gone on the forum to wind people up after all the work that I have put into the club in the past 3 years and that I have done nothing to warrant a ban.

Personally it looks like it's just a head hunt for anyone that dares to speak up against the fact that a certain person thinks that it's his club even though he no longer has real interest in developing it or looking after its loyal membership. Iin his own words "if you don't like it then no one forced you to join and no one will stop you from leaving"

Positive words indeed that can only be for the good of a club and its members.

I have done nothing to provoke this ban from the said forum except to post positive comments about a club that I once thought deserved better amenities for its members but it has been made very clear to me that I am now no longer needed or wanted there as I dared to open my gob.

I had already made up my mind to move on to better things before today but the way that the whole thing has been done is very disapointing and now I'm glad the move has taken place but I feel sorry for the members that will remain to be treated with little respect.


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