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Sorry Pete, can't make it now. Good luck with the event, Ian.

Stuart Farr
Dylan Farr
Ken Pothecary
Stuart James
Dan McMahon
John Duggan
Pete Dutton
Ross Young
Chris Coombes
Darrin Lynn
Lewis Evans
Gerry Baillon
Jamie Lewis
Neil Lewis
Pete Sparkes
Derick Stone
Gareth Stone
Shaun Eustace
Ian Bainbridge
Jean Greatrex
Geoff Ryder
Gary Chillingworth
Kevin Gaunt
Chris Sutcliffe
Tom Mogans
Lewis Collins
Steph Kirkwood
Mike Elliott
Jason Bressington
Richard Bainton
Harry Compton
Elliott Compton
Wayne Clarke
Mike Edwards
Tom Edwards
Andrew Burgess
Peter Underwood
Andrew Underwood
John Clarke
Keith Clarke
Keith Parry
Peter Higgins
Anthony Higgins
Denny Lane
Alex Honeywell
Piers Honeywell
Tony Male

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