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Originally Posted by peterh View Post
Ever seen how RWS package their Meisterkugeln? a box with foam with 100 holes in it... each hole gets a pellet.
Anal-retentive? Possibly. My Feinwerkbau 300s shoots the Gamo Wadcutters about as accurately as the RWS Meisterkugeln
Ever seen how an engineering company measures components made to such tight tolerances.

In a temperature controlled gauge room.

A soft lead pellet in a tin of 500 will no way even be round. The sizes quoted on pellet tins are supposedly the die sizes. As you stated they don't match.

Remember the days when we bought .177 and .22's.
I shot various pellets when shooting 10mtr pistol but it made little difference as long as they were quality pellets.

Seems little point in labeling pellets 4.50, 4.51, 4.52 and 4.53 when none are that size anyway.

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