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Originally Posted by peterh View Post
When I originally posted about this here, it was explained to me that the pellet's head size was unimportant - it was the BATCH NUMBER that counts. From the responses I got, I learnt that what I should do is this:

1. find a pellet that my gun likes
2. identify the batch,
3. BUY AS MANY OF THIS BATCH AS I CAN GET, and live off that while they last.
4. when these are finished, repeat from 1.

Several people pointed out that the head size that is on the bottom of the tin bears no relation to the real head size. I don't have a pellet sizer, but I do have a Mitutoyo digital caliper that measures to a hundreth of a millimeter. When I measure the Daystates, whether from the 4.51 tin or from the 4.52 tin, I measure them at 4.47mm with surprising consistency. The Air Arms 4.51's (also old stock) measure up at 4.48. So I guess that the 4.51 and 4.52 are bollocks indeed.
I'd add another step in your list..

When you buy a tin of pellets to test, before you buy them find out how many tins of that exact batch the shop/retail outlet has, because I can guarantee if you buy the last tin of a batch of pellets in the shop they'll be the most mega pellet you've ever tried.
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