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My thoughts are the same as Scutters, i used to have a cudboard full of rifles with common or garden scopes on but one day decided to sell all but one of them and spend some of the cash on a decent scope, I bought a Nightforce 2.5-10x24 NXS to go on it, i have shot nothing but this combo for a few years now and i am still seeing improvements. In fact i am still learing more about the scope and how it can work harder for me even though i have had it 3 years now. How anyone can chop and change equipment or use several rifles and shoot well is beyond me!
The highlight of my year up to pres was shooting the only 59 at Kelmarsh this year, also the only other Nightforce scope (as far as i know) in the comp was on Greg's rifle the winning gun!
Have one setup and make it a good one!

Come to think about it, you could probably use several guns, i believe it is the scope that you need to learn! and 2 of the same make doesnt count, they can be quite different. Which is probably why you score differently with your 2 Hawke's.
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