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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
I was loaned a lightstream to try, zeroed it at 22y with 22y px - pellet on pellet

Turned px to 40y and tried grouping at 22y again and it had moved the the zero / poi out by 15mm to the right.
move px back to 22y and it was back on the cross.

So, spending more money on the scope doesn't mean you will buy less px error
Yeah sorry didnt explain as well as i could, what i meant was parallax is error caused by scope/eye position, where as altering the zoom actually alters the poi(not zero) as opposed to parallax where it is a percieved poi change due.

And that was why i put "shouldn't" change poi but as we know manufacturing tolerances can play a part as the lens may not move perfectly in the same plane therefore moving poi

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