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Default I have too mnay hft rigs!


First post

I have too many hft rigs, and have a hell of a time settling on just using one of them. This is hurting my scores, and my brain Currently I have, in no order...

Daystate mk3 rt hawke, frontier 3-9x40 ....this rifle has been a bit of a problem with a poi shift and also jetting, but I've sorted it now. Love the trigger and how you can get away with snap shots on supported standers. Never get good scores with it despite being very accurate

AA S400 classic + hamster, mpr trigger, hawke frontier 3-9x40...very stable, simple and accurate. Not very flat trajectory, not as good as the mk3 with the same pellets, I suspect the barrel isnt giving as good BC. I get my highest scores with this one, 52, 53 ish.

HW97kt vmach tune kit, short stroked slightly. No scope at present. Just running it in so far. Love the stock fit and the balance. Looking good but early days!

Webley longbow vglide, simmons 1.5-5x20. Despite all its short commings (very hard to shoot well), very accurate and this rifle is the one that brings in the odd medal I won winter hft 2010/11 spring class with it, and then put it away as went funny shooting low shots, but its all fixed now.

So, has anyone else had the problem of not sticking to one set up? Given that they all have pros and cons I randomly shoot whichever I feel like, which isnt good!
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