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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I am on the road early Saturday, heading up North.

I thus shall be looking for a couple of easy pounds to win, I hear the folks at Castle are easy money, especially those not so tall and those not so slim.

Any takers? Times? My eta @ Mr. O is 10 am.
Castle 11.30.
10 mins to re-zero then start earning money for free lunch

Speaking of which, Woody, hope you know I am on your expenses bill for food saturday night.
Your not betting a Bum w***k for free lol
You can come to castle chubby....But you might not get out of the gate with much money in your little sheep purse....A pumping for you im thinking.....either from me or the little fella.....or both at the same time.. Who's to say you will even make it out of castle at all.......!!!!!!!!
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