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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I don't know.. Suppose the best group I can consistently shoot is 1 MoA at 55 yards (about 1/2 inch) but the best group the pellet can theoretically shoot is 1/2 MoA. Could I tell the difference in group sizes with a pellet that's capable of 1/4 MoA group or not?.. I'm guessing probably not, since I've got 1/2 MoA pilot error in the mixture.
If the pilot error is the same, and consistent then it's something you can ignore and the brain does. It's like saying i've got a 1p coin and a 2 coin... you still know if they are sitting over a line drawn on a bit of paper, or if they need to be moved up or down on it to line up. It's easier to say with the smaller one, but even a dinner plate can be lined up pretty well.

The brain is actually very good at this. You can ask someone to stick a coin in the middle of a table, and most people would be pretty damned close when measured. Try it

Most of the time when doing ranges I don't even look at the horizontal spread, I simply send a pellet and use the horizontal cross hairs and spirit level and send it when they're lined up. If the pellets shoot higher I dial down, if they keep going lower then I dial up. Once I've got it where on average they are in the centre, that's my number. The vertical spread of a good position should be tighter than the horizontal, even with wind aside, because it's supported by bone and not muscle and balance, or should be.
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