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Originally Posted by Deadlydad View Post
Anyone for humble pie
Originally Posted by luddite View Post
I have a foot in mouth removal tool Chris.

I could bring it to Emley, or you could try it in a field near me.

I'll get permission.
Originally Posted by Fasterthansid View Post
Oh dear me, someone feels a little sheepish now.
Hardly....please read my original post, he never mentioned permission nor in his reply when i asked if he was joking. Why didn't he say that he had permission when i asked him if he was joking?

Handy to now say that he had permission all along.

Edit. How would you interprate this reply....

"i have just moved to bradford bd20 *** there are alot of fields near am sure we can find somewhere for you to try "

I'm sure we can find somewhere for you to try?....not, come along to my permission and see how it groups. Poor communication?, maybe....humble pie?....feck off.

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